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Treating opioid addiction with Suboxone is easier Will doctors get on board? : Shots Health News : NPR

ContentNational Institutes of HealthHow Medications WorkMAT Opioid Overdose bannerNew TreatmentsWhat are the signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose and what do I do?Careers - Join Our Team "You wouldn't not treat a diabetic, you wouldn't not treat a patient who is hypertensive," Simmons says. "People can't control that they formed an addiction to an

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How Does Alcoholism Impact Your Marriage?

ContentResources for Helping an Alcoholic SpousePartner Abuse by an AlcoholicDrinking as a Coping Mechanism#7 Staging an Intervention and Other Efforts Haven’t HelpedHow Can I Deal with My Alcoholic Spouse? One of the most important things to do while your husband is going through treatment is ensure you are taking care of yourself and your family, both

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